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( in January 12, 1998 )


" Charles Gounod, his life, his works " is, as the name indicates, a site dedicated to Charles Gounod, French composer of Faust, Roméo and Juliette, Mireille, Ave Maria, Saint Cecile's mass, among others. The Opera fanatics and the curious will appreciate the resources of this site: a complete biography, a discography and bibliography, some photos and pictures, as well as conferences of Jean-Pierre Gounod. A large work, fascinating and clearly presented, easy to surf through thanks to a " plan of the site "
( N°17 in April, 1998 )


" François Davin, music-loving webmaster, noticed that the Web had not honoured Charles Gounod. " It is so to repair this injustice that the decision was made to create this site which is completely dedicated to him ". Gounod, prolific composer if one is, is the author of more than six hundred musical pieces. Masses, operas, chants, including works called posthumous! The whole is read like a book - with papers of big specialists, well illustrated , the content is excellent. Surprise: a collection of pen portraits from one of the least familiar composers ! Example: Who knows "Sapho" or... "The Bloody Nun"?"
( N°31 October, 1998 )


"The amateurs of comic strips knows the composer of XIX-th century, Charles Gounod, by the opera singer, Castafiore, friend of Tintin and pretender of the captain Haddock. Who has never listened " Oh, I laugh to see myself so beautiful in this mirror! "? The great-great grandson of the composer, François Davin, wants the public to know him better by presenting an enormous sum of information, of which some are new."
.NET Hors-série "Quoi de neuf sur INTERNET ?"
( July / August, 1998 )


"A very beautiful site realized by a descendant of the composer. It cannot be any more complete ( 107 pages) and lists six hundred works. Some sounds are missing just to cheer it up"
( N°771 in Jun 15, 1998 )


"This personal home page was created by the great-great-grandson of the illustrious composer Charles Gounod. Six hundred works classified with categories are accessible by a simple click of mouse. Many texts but also exclusive photos. You will find Mister Gounod playing the piano, or together with his family. Finally, cast an eye on the series of portraits made by painters such as Delaunay. It is beautiful this site, but one looks forward to some musical notes..."


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